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Our expertise and knowledge will provide you with an unrivalled experience of the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’

1. Happiness is the key to Bhutan’s Tourism –  Bhutan prides itself on their sustainable approach to tourism. The Bhutan is the only country to measure GNH or Gross National Happiness as an indicator of its prosperity.

2. Traditional,Authentic,Pure,Divine –   Imagine what it is travelling in a country where the natives live by their traditions and values, the environment, legacy and future are of utmost importance to the government and everyone looks forward to development-the cultural way? That’s Bhutan!

3. Low Volume, High Impact –   With a tariff of US $250/tourist (except for tourists traveling from India, Bangladesh, & Maldives) to be spent every day makes Bhutan appear as one of the most expensive destinations. However, the amount includes accommodation, food, transport and an official guide. Moreover, to burst the myth there is no limit to tourist visas.

4. Food Utopia –   A country where rice is red and chillies aren’t just a seasoning but the most important ingredient. Their national dish, Ema Datshi, is a fiery blend of green chillies smothered in cheese.

5. A Cultural Legacy –   Bhutan is a land of monasteries and fortresses. Buddhism is deeply engraved in the soul of the country and is driven with interesting cultural beliefs.

6. Natural Wonders –   Experience Bhutan’s natural wonder first-hand when exploring the beautiful nation. Travel across the mountain passes- dazzling with rhododendrons in spring. Trek across the mountains and witness the flora & fauna riches, unique mammals & birds protected in several national parks.

7. Welcomes with Goodbye –   Visit the most hospitable country across the world and let the warm smiles and ‘good byes’ (used for welcoming people in Bhutan) invite you the Land of thunder dragon.